sites for grants, fellowships and scholarships

This page shows some links to travel  grants, Scholarships and research grants. Those eligible include researchers, students, teachers and scientists who plan to attend seminars, conferences, meetings, training, workshops, and international paper presentation. This page also shows some grant opportunities for Non-governmental organizations.

Association of African Universities:

Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala Sweden:

Social Sciences Research Council:

African Economic Research Council (AERC):

Carnegie Corporation of New York:

Commonwealth Foundation (CF):

Department of International Development of the United Kingdom (DFID):

Five Colleges African Scholars Residency Program:

Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program:

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:

Poverty and Economic Policy (PEP) Research Network:

Third world Organization for Women in Science:

International Development Research Centre, Ottawa:

British Academy:

Rockefeller Foundation Research Fellowships:

The International Foundation for Science (IFS):

Funds For NGOs: